Best Dressed Rules – Parade

Best Dressed Rules – Parade

1. Each entry must be an Individual or Family Member of the GWRRA.

2. Each participant must be wearing a version of the 10-inch GWRRA back patch, and a GWRRA membership pin.

3. The participants will be expected to perform “1/4 turns” to allow judges and spectators to see their outfits.

4. There are two sub-categories (classes):
       a. Couple (A couple is defined as one male and one female).
       b. Chapter (A chapter consists of at least four participants).

5. Best-Dressed Parade participants must wear their District and Chapter designation.

6. Because these are intended to be fun events, Rider Education Program or Mileage awards will not carry a point value.

7. Outfits should be suitable for riding motorcycles if helmet, gloves and jacket were added.
The “Best Dressed (Couple/Chapter) Parade” does not include any music or routines. The contestants’ outfits would be suitable for representing their chapter in a parade or other event.

Scoring would be 30 % for practicality, 60 % for uniformity and appearance and 10 % for poise.

Best Dressed Costume Rules

Best Dressed Costume Rules

*Each entrant must be an Individual Member or Family Member of GWRRA
Costume/Convention Theme category has three sub-categories


Couple – defined as one male & one female

Chapter – consists of at least four participants

Contestants are judged on:
How well their outfit represents:
The Rally/Convention theme

Because these competitions are intended to be fun events, Rider Ed. or Mileage awards will not be judged.

Chapter Pride Rules

Chapter Pride Rules

This is an opportunity to demonstrate a Chapter’s Pride/Spirit using the Convention/Rally theme. This is not a substitute for the District Talent Show.

1. Participating Chapter must have a minimum of 5 Participants.

2. Each Participant must have a Convention/Rally Registration Armband and GWRRA Membership Card with them.

3. Time limit is 2 minutes once all Participants display armbands and GWRRA Membership card.

4. The Chapter shall perform a chant or cheer that reflects their Chapter Pride that is themed related.

5. The following areas will be judged based on the Chapter’s theme related presentation: Creativity, Enthusiasm, Originality, & Theme Related.


Creativity (0 to 10)
Enthusiasm (0 to 10)
Originality (0 to 10)
Smiling Faces (0 to 10)
Theme Related (0 to 10)
Total (Maximum Score ) 50 Points)
Over 2 minute time limit (-5)

In case of a tie, judges will indicate what place you think the act should place OVERALL