Middle / West Traveling Plaque

TN Chapter Q won the Middle / West Tennessee Traveling Plaque from TN Chapter H on May 26 2018.  This plaque will be available at Chapter Q!’s Gathering on June 25, 2018.  Come and get it. We meet at  Shoney’s on 791 N 2nd street Clarksville TN.


Tennessee District Table Decorating Contest Guidelines

                   Tennessee District Table Decorating Contest Guidelines

Table Decorating is a way of showing Event Theme creativity, pride towards the Gold Wing Road Riders Association, District and especially the Chapter. Below is a standard for judging Table Decorating Contests,


The following items receive 10 points if present and 0 if not present:

• GWRRA or Gold Wing Road Riders Association

• GWRRA Logo

• GWRRA Motto: (“Friends for Fun, Safety, & Knowledge”)

• District Designation o Logo

• Chapter Designation or Logo

• Table Decorating reflects “Event Theme”

Overall Appearance/Appeal will receive a maximum of 40 points. There are no set standards for this area. It is based solely on perception of the judge(s). NOTE: More than (1) table may be decorated by a Chapter but only (1) will be judged.

Total (Maximum Score = 100 Points)

Scrapbook Competition Rules

                                       Scrapbook Competition Rules

Scrapbook must be submitted for judging only by fully registered participant.

*** All GWRRA Districts and Chapters are eligible to participate ***

Judging will be based on having the following in your Scrapbook:



GWRRA or Gold Wing Road Riders Association          5

GWRRA Logo                                                                     5
District Designation                                                       5
Chapter Designation                                                      5
GWRRA Motto                                                                  5
“Friends for Fun, Safety, & Knowledge”

Chapter Officers/Team Page                                        (0 – 5)
Overall Appeal of the Cover                                         (0 to 10)
Presentation                                                                  (0 to 10)
Title or Description of Various Events                      (0 to 20)
Over All Content                                                            (0 to 30)

Total (Maximum Score = 100 Points)