Chapter Pride Rules

Chapter Pride Rules

This is an opportunity to demonstrate a Chapter’s Pride/Spirit using the Convention/Rally theme. This is not a substitute for the District Talent Show.

1. Participating Chapter must have a minimum of 5 Participants.

2. Each Participant must have a Convention/Rally Registration Armband and GWRRA Membership Card with them.

3. Time limit is 2 minutes once all Participants display armbands and GWRRA Membership card.

4. The Chapter shall perform a chant or cheer that reflects their Chapter Pride that is themed related.

5. The following areas will be judged based on the Chapter’s theme related presentation: Creativity, Enthusiasm, Originality, & Theme Related.


Creativity (0 to 10)
Enthusiasm (0 to 10)
Originality (0 to 10)
Smiling Faces (0 to 10)
Theme Related (0 to 10)
Total (Maximum Score ) 50 Points)
Over 2 minute time limit (-5)

In case of a tie, judges will indicate what place you think the act should place OVERALL