Best Dressed Rules – Parade

Best Dressed Rules – Parade

1. Each entry must be an Individual or Family Member of the GWRRA.

2. Each participant must be wearing a version of the 10-inch GWRRA back patch, and a GWRRA membership pin.

3. The participants will be expected to perform “1/4 turns” to allow judges and spectators to see their outfits.

4. There are two sub-categories (classes):
       a. Couple (A couple is defined as one male and one female).
       b. Chapter (A chapter consists of at least four participants).

5. Best-Dressed Parade participants must wear their District and Chapter designation.

6. Because these are intended to be fun events, Rider Education Program or Mileage awards will not carry a point value.

7. Outfits should be suitable for riding motorcycles if helmet, gloves and jacket were added.
The “Best Dressed (Couple/Chapter) Parade” does not include any music or routines. The contestants’ outfits would be suitable for representing their chapter in a parade or other event.

Scoring would be 30 % for practicality, 60 % for uniformity and appearance and 10 % for poise.